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04/25/2008 - GREAT JOB - JOSH

     Yesterday, Douglas and I drove about for about four hours to see Tim and Eric live. It was amazing and totally worth it, despite getting a speeding ticket on I-40 in some ridiculous speedtrap. Tim/Eric, if either of you guys took the time to watch our crappy DVD, we really appreciate it. If you guys have any comments for us send me an email at . Even if you didn't like the show, you guys are our heroes and negative criticism will only help us improve.

      Anyways, on to other news (for everyone who isn't Tim or Eric): Episode 7 is seriously almost done, we've ramped up production values on it. It's being edited in HD (which constantly causes my computer to crash), and we've also taken the time to film a couple skits on our old 1984 Magnavox Movie Maker VHS camera. I've been editing those clips between two VCRs and only using old six-pound 1970s Kodak tapes to film/edit with. You kids will love it.